aerial work platforms for rerentWho does NAR rent to? North American Rentals rents exclusively to equipment rental houses.

What types of equipment do you rent? We specialize in large scissor and boom lifts.

Where do you rent your equipment? We rent throughout the United States and Canada.

Will I need a certificate of insurance? Yes, we require a certificate of insurance naming North American Rentals as additional name insured on your policy, and coverage for physical damage to the unit(s). The specifics are contained in our contract. We can contact your insurance agent for you to request these items.

How do the machines get moved? You can either use your own truck or a qualified common carrier.

If I decide to use outside cartage, can you help me set it up? Yes. In fact, we’ll contact the carriers for you and obtain up to three rate quotes. Then you decide which carrier you prefer and we’ll arrange the trucking for you. To ensure the lowest price possible, the trucking company will bill you direct.

Who pays the freight? Since the machine(s) are coming from another dealer’s yard, you only pay the inbound freight. The next customer pays for the outbound freight.

Who is responsible for maintenance during the rental? The equipment is maintained by you the customer, as stated by NAR’s maintenance policy. You service and inspect the equipment as if it were your own, following the manufacturer’s preventative maintenance schedule. You can review and download the service schedules for each piece of equipment in our Reference Library.

Do you also include service manuals in case our service department needs them? You can download most of the service manuals from the manufacturer’s web site. If you are having problems obtaining an electronic version, contact NAR for assistance. To access our manufacturers’ websites, click here.

For Canadian rentals is your equipment CSA compliant? Most of our equipment is CSA compliant. When you call to order equipment we will advise you which available machines are CSA-compliant.

Do you ever sell your equipment? Yes, occasionally we sell some of our rental fleet, and other times we have customers ask us to assist them in buying or selling their used equipment. If you’re interested in purchasing used equipment or have equipment for sale – call our office at 815-636-0500.