With a large, well-maintained fleet, the industry’s most-responsive service, and flexible pricing, North American Rentals makes it easy to capture more big boom rental business without investing in more equipment. Our machines are available for short term rentals of a few weeks or long term contracts that last a year or more.

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Renting big booms through NAR is fast, easy and very, very profitable. Once you discover how easy it can be, you’ll be hooked.

  1. When you get a customer request or determine a need in your market for a big boom rental, call North American Rentals at 815-636-0500.
  2. We match your specific need to the best available machine(s) and provide you with the rental cost.
  3. If you do not already have an account with NAR, we will establish one for you, then ship the machine(s) to your location.
  4. Once you receive the machine(s), your service department checks it in and you deliver it to your customer.
  5. When the machine comes off rent call NAR as soon as possible. We will issue you an off rent number confirming the date and time of the off rent.
  6. Return the unit to your yard and have your service department check it in and inspect it. If you notice any damage or problems, please contact us.
  7. Store the unit safely in your yard until you rent it again or we move it.

First time?

Never rented a big boom before? It’s easier than you think. Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.