Joe Geraghty, Co-Owner

Joe Geraghty has been involved in the aerial lift industry for 35+ years. His expertise is in administration and sales, having served as Manager, General Manager, and President of a variety of lift equipment providers. In 1983, Joe become the second high lift broker in North America, and helped set the quality standards for equipment brokering that are still in use today.

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Aaron Silverman, Co-Owner

As financial manager, Aaron Silverman’s career in the aerial lift industry spans 30+ years. He began in the mid 80’s as controller for a national provider of high-reach rental equipment. Since then, he has remained focused on the aerial lift industry, helping to build and manage companies from Vancouver, BC to Atlanta, GA.

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John Kendzora, Rental Manager

John started with North American Rentals in 2013. He has been involved with lift equipment since 2009, working as an outside sales person for a major lift company. Prior to that, John worked in the construction industry as a area manager for 21 years adding to his experience with lift equipment and managing skills.

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